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What Our Agents Say

Hundreds of agents are glad they chose Ashby & Graff® Real Estate.

"I have had the best service and experience working with Ashby & Graff Real Estate."

- Sheila M. from Los Angeles, CA

"I switched brokers last year thinking it would be temporary, but after the experience I have had.. I am staying put. When I call or email the broker the response is immediate, the back office is amazing, commission split and payment excellent!! The name of the company, branding and website are all very well done, Ashby & Graff is a company I can truly rely on in a business that can be so unpredictable. I love my freedom and peace of mind since joining the company. The future is Ashby & Graff, Thank You."

- Scotty B. from Malibu, CA

"Great team, personalized support, amazing fees"

- Jose S. from Oxnard, CA

People Are Talking About Ashby & Graff® Real Estate

Discover why more and more real estate agents are joining Ashby & Graff®, making us one of the fastest growing and most successful real estate brokerages in California.

How Does This All Work?



Step 1: Complete Our 2 Minute Form - We're Perfect for New and Seasoned Agents Alike!

Step 2: Receive INSTANT Decision on Your Application.

Step 3: Start Saving with Ashby & Graff Same Day!

It's Honestly that Simple.

Built For Your Success

If you’d like a real estate career where you can pay zero broker split and the support of an experienced virtual real estate brokerage that understands every facet of this industry, you’ll love experiencing The Ashby & Graff Advantage.

Paid From Escrow

No more waiting for your check to arrive in the mail from your broker. Get paid directly from escrow with the submission of a completed file.

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Broker Support

Our brokers are Certified Mentors and will help you increase your sales production and take you and your business to the next level.

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Fee Free

Surprise fees, desk fees, franchise fees... Say goodbye to annoying fees that add up to take big chunks out of your commission.

(We do require a one-time credit card payment in order to verify your identity and process the application. The charge is $27.95 for all plans except Ace Agent which is $87.95)

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Training and Mentoring

Deep dive into lead generation, working with buyers and sellers, the seven essentials of negotiation and building a world-class business plan, and so much more!

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knock certified brokerage

Offer your clients the ability to buy their dream home before
selling their old house with the Knock Home Swap!

Only available through Knock Certified Brokerages like Ashby & Graff. Win more clients with access to a program your competitors don’t have.

Ace Agent

Perfect for agents who hate monthly fees and only want to pay when they close a deal.

  • Zero Monthly Fees
  • $879 Flat Fee Per Transaction
  • Risk Prevention is $129 Per Transaction


Great for agents doing at least 1-2 deals a year. You save $330 per transaction compared to the Ace Agent plan.

Deal Maker

  • $13/Month
  • $549 Flat Fee Per Transaction
  • Risk Prevention is $129 Per Transaction

Top Producer

Perfect for agents who plan to close deals regularly. You save $664 per transaction compared to the Ace Agent plan.

  • $142/Month
  • $215 Flat Fee Per Transaction
  • Risk Prevention is $129 Per Transaction

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